June 25, 2020

The Raven

   “And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sittingOn

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May 28, 2020

The Javelina

The javelina (Tayassu tajacu), also known as a collared peccary, is a pig-like

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April 23, 2020

The Bighorn Sheep

The bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) is one of three species of mountain sheep living

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April 1, 2020

The Jackalope

Jackalope (Lepus cornutus) is a medium to large lagomorph found only in small

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February 20, 2020

The Red-Tailed Hawk

The red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) is one of North America’s larger raptors,

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January 30, 2020

The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus, which translates to maritime bear) is the apex

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December 26, 2019

The Caribou

The caribou (Rangifer tarandus) is a large hoofed mammal belonging to the deer

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November 28, 2019

The Wild Turkey

The wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) is often misaligned by city dwellers as a dumb

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October 30, 2019

The Western Diamondback

If you believe what you see in the movies, rattlesnakes have nothing better to do

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October 3, 2019

The Orb Weaver Spider

If you have even the remotest hint of arachnophobia, don’t visit Nevada’s Walker

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