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June 17, 2021 Comments (0) Fauna

The Bobcat

Bobcats (Lynx rufus) are the most numerous of wild cats in North America. Close relatives to the Lynx in Canada, Bobcats share the Lynx’s tufted ears and get their name for their short tails.

From Canada to Mexico Bobcats make their homes in forest, swaps and desert- though you would hardly know it. Bobcats blend very easily with their surroundings thanks to their spotted fur and are very solitary, spending most of their time alone except when breeding.

Litters of up to six kittens are born in late winter or early spring and are raised solely by their mothers for eight to eleven months. After that, young Bobcats must venture out and establish their own territories.

Bobcat is a real estate mogul who keeps up to half a dozen dens at any one time. The main site is usually substantial such as a cave, while other shelter dens are more casual affairs made from bushy piles of leaves or a rock ledge with a view. (location,location,location!)

Bobcats are very adept hunters that use patience to their advantage, waiting for the right moment before dispatching their prey with a single leap.

Though only about twice the size of a domestic cat, a Bobcat’s compact body is optimized for the hunt, propelled by their long legs, they catch their meal easily with the aid of their large front paws. Rabbits and hares are a favorite meal, but the brave Bobcat isn’t afraid to tackle prey larger than himself.



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