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Adventure Mobiles Toyota HJ47

June 23, 2016 Comments (0) Adventure Mobiles

DRB Adventure Mobiles – Mercedes G Wagon

Mercedes G Wagon

Make: Mercedes, manufactured by Steyr Puch in Austria

Model:W463 G-Class Geländewagen

Year: 1996

Mileage: 207,000n total miles (3,200 on new drive train)

Owners’s name: Scott Brady

How long have you had your adventure-mobile ?

8 Years

What do you do?

 Adventurer, Publisher for Overland Journal Magazine


Global travel, photography, resistance training, firearm training and IDPA

Does your rig have a name?

Never considered naming it. We just call it the ‘G’

Is it a daily driver?

Essentially, yes. It is the vehicle I drive domestically











Modifications or add-on accessories?

3.2L with AMG and Braubus Components

4-Speed Automatic
HD Transfer Case with Syncro Low Range
Front / Center / Rear Differential Locks

Hutchinson 16″ Beadlock Wheels from Mastodon
296/75 R16 General Tire ATs

Upgraded to carry 1,875 Lb. Payload

ORC Eibach Springs with +200 KG Capacity
Fox Adjustable Remote Reservoir Shocks

Military 461 Front Bumper
GWagen Accessories Winch Plate
ComeUp Sealed 9.5 Winch with Factor55 Hook
GWagen Accessories Rear Bumper

Additional Items:

Front Runner Roof Rack
Baja Designs Lights
Projector beam factory headlights and fog lights
GWagen Accessories Ladder
GWagen Accessories Antenna Mount
MaxTrax on Spare Tire Mount
National Luna Stainless Fridge
Front Runner Drawer System
Front Runner Gullwing Windows
Enduristan Equipment Bags
Front Runner Overhead Net System
Outland Equipment Axe
HK 93 Carbine with A3 Paratrooper Stock

Where do you take it/ use it for?

I use it as my primary domestic travel and utility vehicle. It has been as far east as Newfoundland and throughout the desert Southwest. I leave the vehicle ready to travel 365 days per year, complete with all camping and support equipment. Opportunities for adventure can come at any moment, so be prepared !

Memorable trips?

I use many types of vehicles for international overland travel, which can include G-Wagens, Land Rovers, and Land Cruisers. My longest trip was three years traveling to all seven continents with a VDJ78 Land Cruiser. My most recent trip with to South Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya with a G-Wagen W461 Entdecker.


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