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August 31, 2016 Comments (0) Adventure Mobiles

Adventure Mobiles Toyota HJ47

Make: Toyota

Model: Custom, by Toyota, HJ47 Landcruiser Crew Cab Pickup

Year: 1983

Mileage: Unsure, swapped out USA spec Odometer

How long have you had your adventure-mobile? About 4 years

Owners’s name: Elias Fedorowski

What do you do? Software Engineering, Tinkerer

Hobbies: Knifemaking; Overlanding





Does your rig have a name? I guess sometimes I call it Beastie, or One Lonely Beastie, partial homage to MCA.

Is it a daily driver? No. It’s one of 2 dedicated adventure vehicles I own.

Modifications or add-on accessories? The entire rig is custom. It was one of three custom HJ47s built at the factory for Toyota executives to tour Australian mining operations. Many more items to be added. Currently the rack, roof top tent and some internal workings are modified. Exterior protection, winch, on board air, full kitchen to come!

Where do you take it/ use it for? Multi day overlanding adventures is the primary use case. Preferably off the grid treks with friends and family.

Memorable trips? We did a trip to Moab a couple of years ago. The cruiser is not a speed demon so we drove in shifts both ways, 24 hours straight there, and another 24 hours straight back. Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada was a fun place to tool around in the cruiser.


All Photos by Chris Van Loan Photography.

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