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Lenox Polarized Sunglasses by Raen

Lenox Polarized Sunglasses by Raen

November 25, 2015 Comments (1) Gear Reviews

Lifeproof Fré Power

Lifeproof Fré Power iPhone case

The Lifeproof Fré Power for iPhone 6 is a great multi function case that will protect your iPhone from the elements and keep you from running out of power when you need it the most.

The Fré Power also has one more trick up its sleeve- it also has a reserve battery that will give your iPhone one complete charge at the push of a button.

The Fré Power is a very sturdy case that is made from polycarbonate with an outer rubber layer that provides a positive grippy feel in your hand- even when wet. The case completely seals out water, dirt, snow and also provides drop protection from a height of 6.6 feet. The Fré Power has another trick up its sleeve- it also has a reserve battery that will give your iPhone one complete charge at the push of a button.

Once your phone is properly sealed inside the case you can leave it there and still charge it and use the head phones by using the supplied charging cord and headphone adapter. Each opening has their own o-ring sealed ports on the bottom of the case. Just make sure they are completely closed after use and your phone is good to go.

Lifeproof Fré Power

Before I tested the case’s water proof abilities, I followed the recommendations by sealing the empty case and submerging it in water for half an hour to double check the seal. (One thing to note when using any water proof housing is too always keep the o-rings clean and make sure that all ports are properly closed and sealed before entering the water.) After this test, I had no reservations about taking my iPhone into the surf and shooting some pictures and video. As far as pictures go, I was pleased with the image results- there didn’t seem to be loss of clarity and the water cleared off the lens quickly for above surface shots.

Lifeproof Fré Power


All of the buttons and functions are operable when the phone is in the case and being used in the water, and much to my chagrin I received emails while several hundred yards off shore and treading water. While swimming I tucked the case into the front of my wetsuit and along these lines, the only upgrade I would seek with the Fré Power is the ability to attach some kind of lanyard to the case to prevent losing it if dropped.

Lifeproof Fré Power

For other outdoor pursuits, Lifeproof sells various mounting accessories for handle bars, belt clips, arm bands and surface/ vehicle mounts.

Th real strength of this product and what I really appreciate about it is the multi function of the case itself. It replaces the need to carry back up power, provides plenty of protection and has the ability to use the camera in the water. The Fré Power will definitely be accompanying me on all future camping trips and travels.

Lifeproof Fré Power


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  1. Avatar rkt88edmo says:

    Too bad it doesn’t have an induction charger, no need to be putting wear and tear on those seals. BT headphones and cordless charging and you have eliminated two points of failure.

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