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January 6, 2016 Comments (1) Field Craft

How to Make a Paracord Bracelet

Parachute cord (also known as Paracord or 550) was originally used during World War II as the material of choice for suspension lines in US parachutes. Made of lightweight nylon this cord has now become the standard for general purpose utility by both civilians and military personal.

Supplies Needed: 




Slotted Button

Paracord Bracelet parts















Step 1: Cut two strands of Paracord. One will be for the core (Orange) of the bracelet and the other (OD Green) will be for the exterior. Length will vary based on wrist size but as a general rule of thumb the exterior strand should be 4X the core length.

Paracord Bracelet Instructions - Step 1













Step 2: Remove the 7 inner strands from each piece of Paracord and discard.

Paracord Bracelet Instructions - Step 2 remove inner strands








 Step 3: Weave your PDW button (or any other button of choice) onto your core strand of Paracord and melt both ends together creating a loop.

Step 4: Begin by taking the right side cord (OD Green) and bringing it over the top of the two center cords (Orange).  Now take the left side cord (OD Green) over the right side cord, under the two center cords (Orange), and through the loop on the ride side.  Pull tight.

You now have completed your first half knot.

*Note: The knot used to make this bracelet goes by a few names but for the purpose of this article it will be known as a Cobra stitch.

Paracord Bracelet Instructions - Step 3









Paracord Bracelet Instructions - Step 4









Step 5: Take the left side cord (OD Green) and bring it over the top of the two center cords (Orange).  Now take the right side cord (OD Green) over the left side cord, under the two center cords (Orange), and through the loop on the left side.  Pull tight. You now have completed your first knot.

Paracord Bracelet Instructions - Step 5









Step 6: You will continue repeating Steps 4 and 5 alternating between left and right sides until you reach the desired length of your bracelet.  Remember to pull each knot equally as tight for consistency purposes.

Paracord Bracelet Instructions - Step 6









Step 7: Leave about a 1 inch loop at the end of your bracelet. Trim the excess Paracord and melt the ends with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Paracord Bracelet Instructions - Step 7









Paracord Bracelet Instructions - Step 8









Step 8: Your Paracord bracelet is now complete and ready to wear on your next adventure!

Paracord Bracelet complete


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  1. rkt88edmo says:

    If you don’t alternate , instead of laying flat the band will curl into a spiral, which also makes a nice looking bracelet

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