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June 7, 2018 Comments (1) Camp Kitchen

Field Condiments Tray

In my constant quest to be more slim-lined and organized with my overlanding gear, my mind was blown when I came across this hack a few years ago from a buddy and fellow adventure on a trip. 

When I first saw this ingenious organized way of storing condiments I couldn’t help but think of Luke Skywalker’s field rations he utilized after crash landing on Degobah. The simplicity of this hack makes it a great inexpensive addition to your gear setup.

To get started all you need is a parts organizer with removable dividers found at just about every local hardware store.

Now onto condiments, the way we do it is instead of throwing out the extra condiments if we run through a fast food establishment we add them to our field condiments tray. Crushed red pepper from your local pizza delivery is a versatile addition to your mobile spice rack and so is soy sauce from Chinese take-out.

Also when staying in a hotel if we have left over tea,instant coffee, sugar, and creamers we will take those home as well and add them to the kit. Some condiments we like aren’t available at food places, but that’s where our PDW Versa Bears come in handy. We fill them up with our favorite condiment and into the tray it goes!

Meals always taste better in the middle of nowhere and having little creature comforts like this make it even sweeter.

*Recipe Extra- when making scrambled eggs add a few hot sauce packets from your favorite source for drive-through tacos. Just add the sauce packets when you beat the eggs- it will add a lot of of flavor and it’s super easy.

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  1. Avatar jason says:

    great idea! I am planning a ‘chuck box’ build-this will help to keep the whole thing more compact-cheers

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