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DRB Adventure Mobiles: Land Rover 109

Make: Land Rover
Model: Series 2A 109 Station Wagon
Year: 1967
Mileage: Never enough!
How long have you had your adventure-mobile? 6 years
Owners’s name: Daniel Mota Veiga
What do you do? Industrial Designer
Hobbies? Traveling, Motorcycle riding and Working on the Land Rover.

Does your rig have a name? Arthur

Is it a daily driver? No. But I drive it very often!

Modifications or add-on accessories? Brownchurch Expedition Roofrack, parabolic suspension, bottle opener, other than that is pretty much original. It is a full home made rebuild!

Where do you take it/ use it for? camping trips, driving to work, going surfing, weddings, any excuse is good to drive it!

Memorable trips? The most memorable was the first trip that took place when I bought the Landy in February 2010.

I purchased it sight unseen from a gentleman in Syracuse, NY, flew there to pick it up and drove it to Chicago where I lived at the time through a really nasty mid western winter blizzard. The cars floor boards were so rusted away that I could see the road and the heater was no match for the freezing draft.

I drove all those miles in my snow board clothing to stay warm, the car was slipping and sliding all over the place with its worn out 13 year old tires but it was a great memorable trip.

I had finally bought my dream car.
After that trip, I took it apart completely and proceeded to restore it by myself. The journey hasn’t been boring since then.
Now Arthur is ready for some new adventures!

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