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August 20, 2014 Comments (0) Gear Reviews

Matuse Chapter 1 Jacket

The Chapter 1 wetsuit jacket by Matuse has everything we love in gear: great design, attention to detail and environmentally friendly materials that are cutting edge- it even has titanium !

Matuse uses Yamamoto Geoprene made from limestone. They call it the Ichiban.

Nobody likes being cold and wet, that’s for sure. The Chapter 1 will keep your core warm when surfing on breezy mornings in the summer or during other activities where you are getting exposed to water, wind and the sun. Though only 2 mm thick, this jacket is great for many pursuits besides surfing; like snorkeling, kayaking and stand up paddling. I really wish I had brought this on a recent canyoneering trip- it would have been very welcome while swimming through chilly river pools under overcast skies. Being so light weight it would not have been noticeable in my pack.

The Chapter 1 has a ton of thought and technology packed into a small package. Matuse uses Yamamoto Geoprene made from limestone. They call it the Ichiban. Geoprene is superior to standard neoprene and avoids using petrochemicals while being lighter, warmer, more flexible and 98% water impenetrable. (absorbed water adds weight and increases cooling by evaporation) If this wasn’t enough, the Geoprene is given a titanium coating that reflects even more heat back on to the wearer and enhances the durability of the suit. But wait, there’s more! all the seams are blind stitched, glued and stress areas are taped making the seams water tight. Combined with strategically placed panels and short back zipper the Chapter 1 will keep you warmer longer and stave off fatigue better than other wetsuits which means more fun and less shivering during your aquatic adventures.


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