DRB’s Heritage Holiday List – 2014

This year marks the first winter season in which our adventurous camp site host, Danger Ranger Bear, shares his Holiday Heritage List. You will find the best tools, equipment, drinks and more of the year for the adventurous gentleman (or gentlewoman), chronicled by our very own, DRB.

Favorite Winter Camping Spot

Arches National Park, Utah

During the summer, blistering heat overwhelms Arches, with temperatures easily exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. With his thick, warm coat, DRB prefers to spend time in Arches once the first snow falls upon the peaceful desert.

Favorite Salmon Recipe

Grapefruit Honey Salmon

Add grapefruit to your fish to bring some bright and warm flavors to the dead cold of winter. Grapefruit is an essential winter fruit, in season during the frigid months and packed with vitamin C to help fight off colds and flus.

Favorite EDC Knife

DRB Scout Knife

The classic American Scout Knife is a trusted companion for those camp and cabin chores during the winter season. Timeless, sturdy, compact, and versatile, it’s always within arm’s reach and is ready to meet any challenge, both on and off the trails.

Favorite Winter Boots

Sorel Caribou

The Sorel Caribou is a timeless winter boot classic. The style and design have become iconic in winter wear over the decades because they simply work and last season after season. A must have for any trek to your winter cabin retreat.

Favorite All Season Stove

Solo Stove

DRB relies on a Solo Stove when cooking up his scrumptious meals in the woods. It is simple, nests inside many compact cook sets, uses biomass (wood) for fuel, and incorporates a secondary combustion chamber for a more efficient and cleaner burn.

Favorite Type of Tree

California Redwood

For a deeply humbling experience, DRB recommends camping among the towering California redwoods, many of which are thousands of years old and the tallest trees on the planet. Winter weather in California is mild and damp, and you may even run into some of DRB’s buddies, as black bears commonly traverse redwood country.

Favorite Campfire Meal

Campfire Chili

DRB loves campfire chili because you can make your recipe as intricate or simple as the occasion calls for. Either way, it will fire you up during your frigid winter escapades. Toss in some chili powder and cayenne pepper for an extra kick.

Favorite Single Malt Scotch

Talisker 10 year

Talisker’s full body and engulfing smokiness make for a great way to keep warm during the winter months. Its spice and fresh, tangy peat will put anybody that sips on it in the holiday spirit.

Favorite Piece of Bushcraft Advice

Squat to Keep Warm

Though the tools necessary to craft a fire aren’t readily available all of the time, you can always perform physical exercises to create heat. DRB suggests doing 50 to 100 squats before bundling up in your sleeping bag during a chilly winter night.

Favorite Winter Shelter

Hilleberg Tarra

This superlative two-person tent is perfectly suited for basecamping in snowy or stormy environments that demand ox-like strength and steadfast durability. The Tarra is one of the strongest tents available, keeping you dry and safe from outside elements.

Favorite Snowshoes

Fimbulvetr Snow Shoes

These snowshoes are a significant technical and design leap forward. The advanced engineering behind these next generation snowshoes make them surprisingly lightweight, yet rugged, and applies advanced manufacturing methods for a superior product.

Leica Monovid
Favorite Viewfinder

Leica Monovid 8×20 Monocular

The Leica Monovid a high-end monocular that can always be close by. Its elegant design is as impressive as its superior technology making it water and snow proof, ideal for hikers, observing wildlife, and spotting the all elusive Yeti who may be trying to snipe the unguarded pie on a cabin window ledge.

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